About Us

Neena is located at 1823 Parmenter Street in Middleton, WI, in the heart of downtown Middleton. Our winter hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM. We can be reached by phone at (608) 821-1171 and by e-mail at staff@shopneena.com. We can also be found on Facebook (Neena), Instagram (shopneena), Pinterest, and Twitter.  Follow us!


Our History

Our shop is a true local endeavor; independently-owned and operated since January 2011 by Deneen Carmichael.  Neena first opened in Middleton in January of 2011 and we moved to our current location (just across the street from the original location) in September of 2014. 


Our Home: Middleton, the “Good Neighbor City”

Choosing a home in Middleton for Neena wasn’t just about available space; it was about setting up shop in friendly downtown Middleton, Wisconsin. In Middleton, Neena not only gets to participate in the joy of small-town community, but is also in a terrific location for meeting customers visiting the Madison area from around the world.   Deneen settled in Middleton when she came to Wisconsin in 2008 and the downtown area became her 'home base' as she familiarized herself with her new home state. When she decided to open up a boutique in late 2010, she loved the idea of being part of the redevelopment of this charming Midwest downtown.

Neena loves being part of this “Good Neighbor City” and cherishes the friendships we have formed with the other local businesses. If you can’t find what you are seeking here with us, we are happy to recommend one of our neighboring businesses that might be able to meet your needs.


About our Products

Neena appeals to the type woman who believes that feeling great is just as important as looking great. Our customers tend to be a reflection of who we are and, above all else, we love being comfortable. Our fabrics are insanely soft - even our denim feels heavenly. We don't take ourselves or our appearance too seriously. We get excited about a great pair of jeans or a top that flatters our favorite physical attributes. We want clothes that make us feel effortlessly pretty, sexy, stylish and comfortable. We appreciate quality and know that an investment in one great piece is more valuable that five cheap pieces that won't last more than a season.

We take tremendous pride in our product selection; we do not hire buyers. Every item in-store and online is personally chosen by our owner. We seek items made from materials that are sustainable and from companies that are genuine and conscious in their ‘footprint’; from the materials they source and their manufacturing practices to their leadership and corporate culture.