It's Okay to Suck

I have something to tell you. This is pretty heavy stuff for a Monday, so you’d better sit down. Here it is. I am not good at everything. I’m so sorry to shock you like that. Are you ready to move on or do you need a minute to let that sink in? Ready yet? Okay, here we go. Don’t be too upset, I am good at lots of things. For example, I can help you pick out an outfit that flatters your shape. My ability to remember names is top notch. I can beat pretty much any child at arm wrestling. All very impressive and useful skills, and trust me, I appreciate them. However, I also just straight up suck at lots of things. Some I have tried to improve upon, but some just have “Ronni Sucks At This!” written on them in Sharpie. That’s fine though. We can’t all be good at everything, or no one would have anything to learn. The tricky part comes in accepting the truth. I want to be good at navigating through areas outside my neighborhood! If I keep telling myself it’s just a simple four-sided square, will I stop immediately losing my bearings the minute I am in the vicinity of downtown Madison? If I really think I should be able to, will I be able to easily walk six blocks back to my hotel in an unfamiliar city once I’ve walked six blocks away from it? Nope! Is that frustrating and sometimes embarrassing? Of course. Can I flip a switch in my brain that makes me a human GPS? Of course not. Some challenges are not worth conquering. This is not to say don’t try new things or stop searching for new challenges, just that one lost battle should not overshadow all of your wins. Use your energy to focus on your strengths. Deneen's strengths do not include activities involving fine motor skills, but she is excellent at navigating cities. So, I untangle her necklaces for her, and she always drives when we go to a new city for market! In moments like that, I’m not thinking how terrible I am at navigation, I’m thinking how awesome I am at untangling necklaces! Own your suck, but don’t be defined by it. Our strengths and weaknesses make us interesting and unique. I have a whole pile of things I’m great at, that I’m going to choose to focus my time and energy on. And to make you feel even better about your unslayable dragons, here are some more of mine: 1. I can’t wear that beautiful and very comfy-looking style of wide, flowy tops we sell at Neena because I look like a circus tent. 2. Running up and down lots of stairs (a favorite activity of the Woodall Training instructors). My short little legs will take twice as long as your normal human legs to get up the stairs and will then be so fatigued by the time I reach the top that I will contemplate tucking and rolling back down. 3. I am a terrible multi-tasker. I can hardly type with music on. If you try to talk to me while I’m on the phone with someone else my brain will explode. 4. I just learned that I suck at coming up with an elegant or wise way to end this blog entry, so it’s done now.

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