Kicking Ass and Eating Kale

According to China, 2013 is the Year of the Snake. According to me, 2013 is the Year of Kicking Ass. Kicking ass, in this instance, is referring to making healthy food and exercise choices. I want to be good to my body and my brain. By “good” I don’t mean always treating myself to the fine and delicious things in life. Well, sometimes that’s what good will mean. Have you had those chewy dark chocolate covered bits of pomegranate? If you have functioning taste buds, it’s hard not to be elbow deep in a giant Costco bag of those. But once the bag is gone (in two days or less) then it’s back to “good” primarily meaning healthy. Fortunately, I’m not new to being in good health, but I am pretty new to spending a lot time thinking about things that will keep me healthy. That, and taking the time to do the healthy things rather than being a lazy sack and always choosing the easy options. Before you stop reading, fearing that this is about to turn obnoxious and preachy, trust that I am fully aware that “newly trying to make healthy choices” doesn’t make me a fitness or nutrition expert. I promise not to be a jerk about this. That being said, I’m a freakin’ wizard at making kale chips. And recently, I have found myself talking about kale like I discovered it. I am literally writing an entire blog entry about kale right now. So obnoxious. I didn’t know that a vegetable could be trendy, but kale seems to be what all the kids are into these days. It’s everywhere! Kale recipes popping up all over Facebook, friends bringing kale salads to potlucks, and me becoming obsessed with kale chips. They’re crispy, they’re delicious, and they are so good for you. Seriously, look at kale’s Wikipedia page. Super good for you. If you follow Neena on Facebook, you may have seen that I posted an easy kale chip recipe. Try them! You’ll thank me. As kale fever seems to be sweeping the nation, I wonder if it’s a coincidence that Pantone has recently announced Emerald Green to be the color of the year for 2013. Who wants to sign my petition to rename it Kale Green? Here’s to 2013 being a fabulous, healthy, ass-kicking, green year!

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