BodyFit Solutions

Now that the door to fitness has been opened in my life, I am able to start taking advantage of all the different opportunities available in this town. As Middleton grows and thrives due to the addition of new businesses, these opportunities are only expanding. Enter our new neighbor, BodyFit Solutions. BodyFit Solutions is a personal training studio for women, by women. Owner Laura Schuch is sweet and supportive, and wanted to create a safe and comfortable place for women to come and exercise. I had never had a personal training session before, but this new business right down the street felt like a good place to start. And since I was FORCED to pick out a cute new workout outfit from Neena, I started there. It would have been disrespectful to BodyFit Solutions to show up looking like slob. Since I’m not rude, I chose the Beyond Teardrop Cami in heather gray, the Beyond Ruched Leggings in Blackberry, and a black sparkly Sticky Band. I did it for BodyFit. I showed up for my session and Laura greeted me at the door. Unlike working out at a gym, the first thing we did was sit down for a comprehensive conversation about my goals, health, strengths, and weaknesses. Laura really listened to what I said, and we had a true conversation instead of filling out a questionnaire. She was completely nonjudgemental, and genuinely interested in creating the best experience possible for me. We began with a cardio warmup of my choice. Don’t be fooled by my recent participation in a 10k--I will still choose “not running” if given the choice. Elliptical it was! Laura and I chatted as I increased my speed and heart rate, getting ready for my workout. As we moved through each exercise, Laura was focused on me and how I was doing. She listened to me when I said during our initial conversation that I respond best to smiles, high fives, and positive reenforcement, so I was met with many verbal pats on the back. Don’t you love being told how great you’re doing? I do. This does not mean she took it easy on me. She pushed me kindly, but she still pushed me until my quads were shaking from the lunges and my arms and core were Jell-o from doing pushups with my feet up on a balance ball. Even though there was a photographer present to capture some promotional shots for the studio, there was nothing fake about the workout. I am definitely looking a little sweaty and strained in some of those shots. I left BodyFit Solutions with a clear understanding of Laura’s vision. The studio is warm and welcoming, the equipment is new and clean, and the atmosphere is happy and supportive. Every woman, regardless of age, fitness level, or long term goals can benefit from the attentive training at BodyFit Solutions. I had a productive workout and felt great about it. So great, in fact, that Neena is officially partnering with BodyFit Solutions. We want our customers to look and feel great in their clothes, so all BodyFit Solutions clients will receive 10% off of their purchases at Neena! That is how strongly we believe in Laura and the rest of the BodyFit training staff. Own your health and fitness, and let BodyFit Solutions guide and support you through each lunge, crunch, and accomplishment.

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