Some clothing stores are tickled when they receive and special call or note or Facebook post from a satisfied and grateful customer. And so are we. Absolutely. But c'mon, when a loyal and devoted shopper crafts a work of art - pure poetry, as it were - we kinda admit to ourselves that maybe, just maybe, we're doing something right. So here it is, the anonymously penned 'Ode to Neena,' which we received last night. Enjoy.   Ode to Neena I’m not at Peace, I am at War I’ve just returned from Neena’s store One look inside my purple tissue I GASP! Oh, My! I have an issue The clothes sold there just jumped at me And now they’re piled up to my knee I’m not at Peace, I am at War I see my closet has room no more One thinks a closet that’s named ‘walk-in’ Should have more room to put clothes in It’s unacceptable, I’ve reached the crux I must display my Bella Luxx And lest you read and think me shallow You’ve clearly never sported Alo Eek! Still in my bag hidden in between ‘ems I’ll not abandon you, my Tinas One more place I’ll try, my dresser My Neenas deserve not any lesser Ah ha! That’s it! I’ll fret no more I’ll simply make a Neena drawer Out with the old To the garbage, Tar-jay You’re all stretched out, you cannot stay Oh lovely garnet, amethyst, and black I’m putting you in, but in the morn I’ll be back I am at Peace, no longer at War Alas, une chambre pour Neena Couture ~ Anonymous

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