Here at Neena, and we imagine everywhere else in Wisconsin, we’ve started to wonder if we are in a season warp. Where exactly is summer? We have strappy maxi dresses we want to wear with sandals that let our toes breathe free. We have whirly-twirly skirts to pair with tanks that show our sun-kissed shoulders. We have capris and shorts and bandeau tops in a rainbow of bright colors. And we don’t want to cover them with jackets or hide them under umbrellas! SUMMER . . . why are you avoiding us?! It’s BBQ season. Farmer’s Market season. Lemonade stand season. Yesterday, as I drove back from the lovely Blackbird Family Yoga (backdrop for the first official Neena photo shoot - sneak peek coming soon), I turned onto Hubbard Avenue and saw two somber-faced but determined neighborhood lads standing in their raincoats, hoods pulled up nearly covering their faces, limbs outstretched in static jumping-jack position, gripping bright orange signs overhead. In twelve year-old boy hand-scrawl: “Hot Chocolate” A hot chocolate stand. In June. I think it’s time for a vacation. I have a strappy maxi dress I want to wear.

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