Fine. You caught me. I manage a business geared toward active women, and I may not be what most would consider “super active.” Or really even semi-active. I am a fraud. Sometimes I go for brisk walks, but those usually serve one of two purposes: A) The weather is nice and I like that. Or B) To ease the guilt of living a lie. No more! It’s time to make a change, to live a healthy lifestyle, and to promote by example the positive message behind Neena. Time to burn my Apparel for Sitting On My Butt and spend the remainder of my paycheck on Apparel for Actual Movement! Most sane people would begin by adding more vegetables and light jogs to their daily routine. But not the Neena Warrior Princesses! Though it might be hard evidence that we’ve lost our marbles, Deneen and I have signed up for a six-week TRX Boot Camp. And today was Day 1. TRX, if you are unfamiliar, is an intense method of strength training. It uses straps hanging from the ceiling combined with your own body weight, balance, and resistance to increase your strength, stamina, and desire to cry. Firefighters and triathletes use it to improve their ability to kick down burning doors and swim across oceans. Today, I used it as a means of realizing what HORRIBLE shape I am in. It was humbling, to say the least. Soul-crushing, to say the most. How long can you hold a wall sit? I learned my answer to that question today, down to the second, but I do not want to tell you what it is. My quads were actually burning. Not like a positive, “Wheee I’m working hard and my muscles feel tight!” sort of burn. A burn like a firefighter TRX’d down a flaming door then beat me with it while I tried to maintain a ninety-degree angle. I won’t even tell you about the sit-ups. It was a harsh wake up call, but an important one. Holy crap, “wake up call” just reminded me how sore I’m going to be when I wake up tomorrow. Hopefully throughout the next six weeks, I will evolve from the fluffy ball of weakness and shame that I presently am to a strong woman who has begun her journey toward genuinely healthy living. I am also totally open to the possibility that this will break my body and I will have to write a blog entry entitled Apparel for Watching Soap Operas from a Hospital Bed. Stay tuned.

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