The construction is over, the doors are open, and the verdict is in: Retail is awesome. We have now been open for about a month and half, and each day we are loving life at Neena more than the day before. We have already started to accumulate some regulars! Some are friends from pre-Neena life (that was a thing, right?) and some we have met only since opening our doors. The best part is when someone will come in looking for guidance and we can play dress up, treating them like a My Size Barbie. Sometimes friends come in and are not necessarily seeking fashion advice, but they humor us by allowing us to bombard them with soft sweaters and various stretchy tops while we squeal and run around the store gathering outfits by the armload. "DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS WOULD LOOK SO GREAT ON??!!" I often find myself shrieking at Deneen while she simultaneously yells "THIS WOULD LOOK FANTASTIC ON CAT PIPPITT!!"  "THAT'S WHO I WAS GOING TO SAY!!" You get the idea. We're excited. Speaking in caps-lock is not rare around here. In fact, we kind of feel like we've found some sort of career loophole. Why is it that every woman in the world has not thought of this before? We are surrounded by fashion that we love, we get to play dress-up with our friends, and we get to travel for the sole purpose of shopping for the store. What the heck? How is this possible? If I have actually passed out at the desk of my stressful office job and this whole store is the creation of my subconscious, steal my stapler, give me the chair with the squeaky wheel, just don't bring over any smelling salts. I'd like to keep this reality, please. I will take the tired feet, the daunting task of looking presentable everyday, and the stress of the computer having a tantrum while there is a long line of customers. Perhaps ask me again in a few months when the holiday season rolls around, but for now the positives so vastly outweigh the negatives that the negatives are practically just neutrals...which would go  nicely with a slim black pant.

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