We ARE the floor guys!

Continuing with our theme of "Heeeeere goes nothing!" we find ourselves with a pile of torn up floor tiles, and no qualified construction worker to be seen. It started, as most great projects do, with a small and simple act. In this case, it was cleaning the molding at the base of the wall in the future office so that we could paint near it. I vacuumed up the dust and particles of sanded off drywall and spackle, then Deneen went at it with a damp sponge. Then, as long as she was already down there, Deneen decided to pry off the the smaller piece of molding with a screwdriver since it would have to be removed before the floor guys could tear out the tile anyway. Feeling bold after the ease with which the molding had come loose, we decided to just try to take up a tile. If you would have walked into the office of Neena moments later, you would have seen me wedging the claw end of the hammer underneath the first tile, and tearing it up Incredible Hulk style while Deneen cheered. I wish I had a camera at that moment to capture the look of utter joy and excitement on Deneen's face when that first tile came up without relying on anybody besides ourselves to do it. If you are following our adventures on Facebook as well as this blog, you can see some pictures of our accomplishments as well as our extremely fashionable work outfits. We seem to have an unofficial competition going as to who can show up for work looking more homeless, colorblind or just plain crazy. The task we are setting out to tackle today is INSTALLING our own floor. The description by the display at Home Depot made it look incredibly simple. Armed with the required materials, a very high level of confidence, a budget we're trying to keep an eye on and enough adrenaline to lift a car off of a trapped child, we are taking on the world! One tile at a time.

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