Gimme my swimsuit.

And . . . we’re off! This adventure begins somewhere between bold and remarkably crazy. I remember sitting outside Barrique’s coffee shop in Middleton, Wisconsin in mid-October, completing the online LLC registration form. I remember hitting “submit.” I remember smiling at Ronni and waiting for my MacBook to yell some admonition or at least word of caution as my forefinger hovered momentarily before the click. Instead, Ronni grinned right back and the computer screen quickly and simply congratulated me on my successful request to the state. Now, just shy of two months later, we are painting the walls of the store (somewhat coincidentally located just a few blocks from the Barrique’s coffee shop where it all began), placing orders for inventory and experiencing the excitement (and a bit of anxiety) about diving into the deep waters of retail and fashion. I remember something about the most effective way to learn to swim is to just jump in. Or maybe I’m just making that up. In any case, I have a feeling that in that gray area between bold and crazy, we’ll be throwing in a little unexpected color and sparkle, which is exactly what an adventure of this sort should have.

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