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  • Leaving home.

      Neena opens for business, January 22, 2011 Dear friends, Three years ago today, I flipped a sign and unlocked a door and, that simply, Neena was. Opening the door on January 22, 2011 was a simple act, but the road to Neena was full of adventure and the road since has taught us much. We’ve grow... View Post
  • If you are a consistent reader of readneena.com, perhaps you will recall that in a previous blog post, I expressed a sadness over the epidemic of negative body image, particularly affecting girls and women, and a hopefulness that we can each work on changing that. However, the way we each view ou... View Post
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    Since we opened the store nearly three years ago, we have been awed and inspired by women of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels who have embarked on and completed challenging training journeys. Last week, we put out a call via Facebook for our friends to send us their stories of trainin... View Post