But first, coffee.

So about six weeks ago, completely unprovoked, I decided to boycott Starbucks. Boycott might be a strong word for it. I didn’t plan to picket or start an anti-Pike Place campaign. For a few weeks I had noticed that when I went for my daily morning coffee, I was feeling guilty. Without verging off into neuroses territory (I'm the first to admit we could be there awhile), my struggle with guilt is a daily one. So it’s not completely crazy (for me, at least) that something as simple as my morning coffee routine summoned this familiar and unwelcome feeling.

In the decisive moment when I turned my steering wheel away from the green coffee goddess, it was simply, “I should be getting my coffee at Barriques because it’s local. When I go to Starbucks every single morning en route to my shop, I am starting my day off in an affront to my own work as a small, independent business owner.”

And so now I’m a daily Barriques customer. I’ll be honest, if I could have any cup of coffee, I prefer True Coffee (Fitchburg) over all else, but my route doesn’t take me anywhere near there and Barriques is literally a just few blocks away and completely on the path between home and shop. I know, how ‘bout not being a lazy a$$ and brew my own True Coffee at home and take it to work in a travel mug, thus staying true (pun intended) to shop/drink local, saving money and being more eco-aware?

Because I love my morning coffee shop stop. It makes me happy. Just not at Starbucks anymore.


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