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Our newsletters rock! Almost as much as their author: our fearless, firefighting, fashionista owner, Deneen Carmichael.
Have you been getting them? If not, then I've shared some of the content below from our most recent edition (minus all the gorgeous photos and other surprises). Read below to get the latest news on your favorite store and then head back to our Home Page and sign-up so you can keep from missing out on updates and other bonuses in the future!! ~ Lauren


From Spring 2016 newsletter:

Happy Spring! 

I hope you have enjoyed some of the bright, beautiful sunshine we had earlier this week. Combined with the spring styles that have been arriving almost daily, it has us ready for patios, sandals and sipping something lovely. Mmmmmmm... white wine in the sunshine. It's not unhealthy that this has become my imagery when I think of summertime relaxation, is it? 

We're amazing. I know I said this in another email or post recently, but we've really gotten good at ordering. Seriously. We've ridden the learning curve to the crest. Right now, when I look around the store, I genuinely love nearly every single item here. And I should because one of the things I am proudest about Neena is that every thing here is hand-selected. We don't hire buyers or have suppliers prepare orders for us. I either meet with suppliers here at the store or travel to market every few months to see and feel every item we order. I try hard to have one of the Neenalitas with me as well so the decisions have more than just my input. I do think that kind of attention makes a difference. The shop is truly beautiful right now. We have such a great selection that I keep getting distracted from getting anything done (this email, for example, was supposed to go out last week but then our UPS lady showed up with pretty things). 

Denim. I'm also pretty excited about the denim thing we have going on in the store. Denim was an experiment for us and we've learned enough in the past year about denim fit and fabrication that I could give probably give an hour-long lecture on denim. I won't because that would steal some of the magic from finding the perfect pair(s) of jeans. We have edited our lines, our styles and our washes to come up with a denim collection that is unique to Neena. And shhhhhh ... we may be introducing a brand new Made in the US denim line next month.

Events. The biggest one on the calendar right now is happening NEXT WEEK. Wednesday evening we will be open until 8 pm because we are part of the first-ever Downtown Middleton Wedding Tour. Our downtown neighbors are offering up all sorts of wedding-related services, products, gifts and more. We will be launching our Wedding Collection, a unique Neena-edited selection of gifts for the bride, bridal party or family of the bride and groom. Stop in and see (and take advantage of evening hours). 

The takeaway. Okay, I have lots more to write about but I think you might be more interested in seeing photos of what's in store now and scrolling to the bottom for......(bonus for newsletter subscribers only!). Enjoy and keep lifting your face to the sun. 


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