Rewrite? ReNeena!

In keeping with our ‘Write Your Own Story’ theme this month (by the way, have you checked out our window display on this theme?) …

Is it time for a Rewrite? Our unique annual ReNeena event officially begins today! The entire back of the store is filled with racks and stacks of clearance and ReNeena merchandise.

A few years ago we decided it would be fun for people to bring in Neena pieces that they had purchased but no longer wear or styles they decided weren’t quite right after all.  Also, the Neenalitas’ closets were starting to need expansion due to unrestrained retail temptation. ReNeena was born. ReNeena is our version of a three day swap or consignment sale. Our loyal Neena shoppers and staff have been bringing in bags of gently worn (or in some cases NEVER worn) apparel plus jewelry, scarves and handbags and we have been preparing it for a new owner. The prices are ridiculous - most items are marked between $10 and $24.

We’ve loved seeing some of our favorite styles from the past five years (we lovingly refer to these pieces as ‘vintage’ Neena).

The Neenalitas have been busy checking in and inspecting items, hanging & steaming, and preparing for the grand reveal this morning. Oh, by the way, in addition to the ReNeena deals, Friday through Sunday everything in the store is also 20% off and clearance rack items are an additional 20% off the lowest price. It’s spring cleaning ladies and we have the fever.

There are some serious gems in here. Deneen alone brought in more than 83 pieces, some from deliveries that arrived after the 2015 holiday season. Seriously, does she take one of every style and only wear it once? Jeepers.

Stop in and check it out. I mean, there’s bound to be one or twenty pieces that are perfect for you considering everything in the photo below is clearance or ReNeena. We nearly had to break through the wall into the Mustard Museum.



Hope to see your smiling faces this weekend!

Re-Neena Sale Hours are

Friday, February 26th 10-6
Saturday, February 27th 10-5
Sunday, February 28th 11-4

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